It’s Go Time

Somehow over a year has flown by since we made the decision to leave everything to travel.  Somehow we are 2 sleeps away from taking off to Rome, and beyond.  The realness of this has increased a notch with each passing day.  After saying goodbye to work 2 weeks ago, Nick and I tried to … More It’s Go Time

Full Speed Ahead

Today was my first day of work in Midtown Manhattan at my summer office job.   Three days ago I was dancing until the sun came up at a music festival.   One week ago I was at the tail end of a 900 mile drive from New York to Tennessee.   Two weeks ago … More Full Speed Ahead

Bidding Farewell to a Dream to Set Sail on Another

  I’m giving up a lot for this lifestyle, including what I thought was my dream job… Today I will resign from store manager at the largest on mountain snowboard shop in the world, a position that has been so rewarding and has helped me build life long friendships through snowboarding.  Having your office at … More Bidding Farewell to a Dream to Set Sail on Another