About Us

We met when we were 4 years old and have been best friends ever since.  We look at each other as the brother we each never had.  We now are 30 years old and planning to go out exploring the globe long-term.  We are looking forward to the freedom, and the exploring of new lands and new cultures and new peoples.  We are looking forward to the experiences ahead of us, the memories that will be made, and meeting people whose new perspectives on life will have an everlasting impact on our own lives.  On the opposite side of the coin, we hope our perspectives on life will have an everlasting impact in the peoples lives we come across around the world.
Left: Nick and Vito (1991)      Right: Nick and Vito (2004)
Left: Amsterdam (2013)      Right: Arches National Park; Moab, Utah (2014)
Left: Bangkok, Thailand (2015)      Right: Copenhagen, Denmark (2016)
Left: Iceland (2016)      Right: Bergen, Norway (2016)


Born & raised in NY.  Soon to be a former Business Analyst in Midtown Manhattan.  NY Sports Enthusiast.  Enjoys writing and photography, and has a passion for travel.  Conqueror of fears.  Seeking a new journey.  Planning to travel the world and maybe figure out a way to make it a full time gig.

Left: At the office; 34th St & 8th Avenue, NYC      Right: Copenhagen, Denmark (2016)



Born & raised in NY.  Spent the past 7 years managing a snowboard shop and standing sideways in Vail, Colorado.  After exploring much of West Coast, is ready for the next adventure.  Pursuer of dreams.  NY Sports Enthusiast.  Has a healthy thirst for travel.

Left: Lunch break on the slopes in Vail, Colorado      Right: Ko Samui, Thailand (2015)

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Vito thanks for sharing this with us (me), it’s not exactly the same as having you around but it’ll do. Safe travels to you both.

      1. Hey Vito, Anthony Scarano was asking about you . I sent him your web site but hecan’t get near a computer. When are you guys coming home?

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