Dear Anthony

Dear Anthony, I’m currently sitting in the back of a bus next to a Buddhist monk somewhere in southern Laos. It feels like I’m a million miles away from home, in distance, surroundings and in comfort, but for some reason as I stare out the window at the bright full moon in the sky, I … More Dear Anthony

Rome is Burning

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but for us, it didn’t take much longer than a few days to start feeling like we were ready to move on.  While in Rome we walked a TON.  The temperatures were over 100F every day we were there, peaking at 105F (40-41C…still working on mastering these conversions).  We … More Rome is Burning

It’s Go Time

Somehow over a year has flown by since we made the decision to leave everything to travel.  Somehow we are 2 sleeps away from taking off to Rome, and beyond.  The realness of this has increased a notch with each passing day.  After saying goodbye to work 2 weeks ago, Nick and I tried to … More It’s Go Time

Full Speed Ahead

Today was my first day of work in Midtown Manhattan at my summer office job.   Three days ago I was dancing until the sun came up at a music festival.   One week ago I was at the tail end of a 900 mile drive from New York to Tennessee.   Two weeks ago … More Full Speed Ahead